Chakchen Preliminary Practices cover
(Art by Ven. Dugu Choegyal Rinpoche)

Chakchen Preliminary Practices

The text Chakchen Preliminary Practices is a practice handbook, not a text to read and be informed. These practices require the authorization and instructions of your lama, refuge vows and some other prerequisites.

So if this is not your case, we suggest you do not download this text. It will be completely useless. If you have any doubts on this, please contact us at

To download the documents, please use the links:

Volume I (Establishing the Foundations, Ordinary Preliminaries, Refuge and Enlightened Attitude, Dorje Sempa)
Volume II (Offering the Mandala)
Volume III (Guru Yoga, Main Part, Conclusion, Between Sessions)

These are sizeable documents, so depending on the bandwith of your Internet connection and your geographical location, the download will take some time to complete.

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