Cover of Mandala Offering - Instructions
(watercolor by M.Ven. Dugu Choegyal Rinpoche)


The text Offering of the Mandala is a practice handbook, not a text to read and be informed. These practices require the authorization and instructions of your root teacher, refuge vows and some other prerequisites.

So if this is not your case, we suggest you do not download this text. It will be completely useless. If you have any doubts on this, please contact us at

To download the documents, please use the links:

Offering of the Mandala - Practice Handbook
Here are the root text in its Tibetan and English versions, and some practice suggestions.

Offering of the Mandala - Instructions and Notes
Here are detailed practice instructions and notes on the dharma technical terms of the root text.

This is a concise version of the Offering of the Mandala included in the text "Chakchen Preliminary Practices" . It has also been uploaded to this site. If you are intersted, you can read it from here.

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